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Mind, Body, and Soul

The mind, body, and soul we each possess are mysteriously linked. When one part of you is stressed, it effects the other two parts. People under mental stress often get physically ill. People who are physically ill can become depressed. The condition of your soul can directly affect the health of the “rest” of you.

Together, the mind, body, and soul are a reflection of God. God is known as the imaginative creator of all that is, the mind of the Trinity. God’s Son was born into a human body to live among us to more fully reveal who God is. The mysterious spiritual energy of the divine that connects with our souls is the Holy Spirit. Each of us then, with our mind, body, and soul is created in the image of God.

Each of these three components of our makeup must be nurtured to promote a balance in life and enable us to reach our full potential that God has created us to achieve. Our minds need to be challenged each and every day. Ever being the student keeps our minds active. Those who are most vibrant in their senior years continue to learn, challenge themselves, and grow mentally. In the same way, our physical bodies need to be used or they become flabby. Without constantly being challenged physically, we can soon become weak and lose coordination. The soul like the mind and body needs its daily exercise. One spiritual exercise is prayer. Real prayer is work. It takes effort to focus and communicate with our God. Prayer without effort can become just hallow words falling on God’s ears.

I am becoming increasingly aware of the power of Scripture to heal. After all, Scripture is not just words on a page, but the living message of God bringing his presence and power into our lives. When we start reading God’s Word, we are opening a channel of communication where God’s Spirit enters our lives and brings healing, guidance, and renewal. Reading Scripture, like praying, plugs us into the power of God.

It is not uncommon for a surgical patient to go through a period of depression following his or her procedure. Day two following my knee replacement surgery was the most painful physically. Day six was the most painful mentally and spiritually. Prone to depression anyway, I found that particular day to be dreadfully lonely. I questioned my decision to have the surgery and my ability to remain independent into old age. I missed my family and did not want to impose on my friends. In the midst of my painful day, God put a Scripture into my mind. I felt God direct me to one of Paul’s letters where I found comfort and hope. They were like a powerful injection that lifted me from despair and became a turning point in my journey towards healing.

One of the most serious deficiencies in the Church today is our disconnect with Scripture. Through the powerful Word of God, we find a source of healing, comfort, direction, hope, and peace. It is the injection that we need to be revitalized in our mission to transform the world with the message of God through Jesus Christ. I hope each one of you will spend time daily exercising your soul by reading God’s Word. It will make a difference in your life.

Thank you for the many expressions of love and concern that I have received concerning my surgery. That and your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Blessings, Terry

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