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Sowing Seeds of Faith

I entered the elevator at St. John’s Hospital following a pastoral call. Already standing there was a young man dressed in clothing and with a hair style that made me think we were from two separate worlds. The doors closed, and he made a comment about how long the day had been. I agreed that waiting in a hospital can be the most exhausting of experiences. He said that his wife had just had surgery, and there were other areas of concern. The elevator stopped on another floor, the doors opened, someone entered, and the conversation stopped.

When the doors opened on the lobby floor; I stepped out, and the young man who initiated the conversation followed me. Much to my surprise, he continued where he left off. His description of the situation painted a picture of the removal of a tumor with the discovery of other hot spots within her body. It seemed to me that it was a cancer that had spread. He talked about children at home and the uncertainty of the future. By that time, we had arrived at the front door; where I was going to continue out to the parking lot, and he was heading downstairs. We stopped a minute at the stairway railing.

God gave me a nudge. I told the young man that I would be praying for his wife and him. He gave me a startled look. I could tell it wasn’t what he was expecting to hear. As he started to the stairs and I reached the door I saw him turn and say, “Thank you.”

I made certain that my offer wasn’t just one of those pleasantries that is forgotten as soon as I got to my truck. I have continued to lift this woman and her husband up in prayer. I’m certain the nudge God gave me happened for a reason. It was a simple gesture, and seeds were sown. Yet, I may never know the outcome.

I found three lessons from this experience. 1) Pay attention to when God gives a nudge. 2) God takes simple acts of faith to produce big results. 3) When you offer to do something, follow through.

Pastorally yours,


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