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I love the change of seasons. Despite my sister, who lives in Savannah, peppering me with weather reports in January (Tom, "we have six inches of snow and its six degrees here." Laura, "it's sixty today in Savannah"); I love fall and spring and would dearly miss these seasons.

With fall comes a change of routine. We mow and mulch more leaves than grass. We replace summer flowers in outside pots with hardier plants like mums. We may decorate the insides of our houses for the season. We prepare for yet another time change and less time in the evening to enjoy the great outdoors. We learn to love pumpkin flavored foods again and hot drinks (like cider) to replace cold drinks. We prepare for an onslaught of miniature goblins and witches at our door on Halloween night. We might even watch a scary movie or two (though none in our house, thanks).

Fall brings change and that is a good thing for us to experience. As we change our flowers, our decorations, our clocks, and our to-do-lists; might we also consider some spiritual change? Might we consider adding five minutes of prayer time at the end of the day, it will be too dark to be outside!! Might we consider serving our community in some capacity with 2-3 hours per month? Might we look at that pledge card letter that is coming in the mail and consider a larger promise to God and the church? We might also change our "personal scenery". Perhaps recycle our pessimism about the state of things in our country, with a reminder that we are hopeful to be living in God's Kingdom. Perhaps refrain from passing on gossip or swallow the urge to respond to gossip about ourselves or those we love.

One of the highlights of fall is watching the leaves turn color and eventually fall to the earth. As children this was a magical time when piles of leaves could be imagined as forts. As adults we understand the necessity of this change, in order to live again in spring, trees must "die" a bit in the fall. How is God calling us to "die a bit" now, in order to live more fully for Him? "Truly, I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains a single grain. But if it dies it bears much fruit." Luke 9

The change of seasons is an opportunity to change our practices of the Christian faith. So how will you change with the season?

Pastor Tom






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