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Rainbow Reflections

Rainbow Reflections is presently taking a break from its regular schedule.

Rainbow Reflections meets every Tuesday from September through May at 6:30p in Wesley Hall. We have had countless people attend from the surrounding area, all ages and walks of life and many different denominations. It is wonderful to watch a group interact and reach out to each other, the compassion and true concern that is shared is a blessing to all who attend. During the summer months, a coordinator is available on request for home visits. I have been honored to participate in various hospice training sessions and have truly been blessed by the many people I have met through Rainbow Reflections.

Purpose of the group: to help those who have experienced the loss of a loved one deal constructively with the feelings and practical problems that result from that lose.

Results: facing the reality of the loss and letting go, experiencing and understanding the pain that accompanies grief, adjusting to the alternatives and finally reinvesting and reaching out.

The Rainbow: It would be impossible to witness the sight of a Rainbow as anything other than a rare and wonderful event. In the dictionary, it is defined as a colorful arc caused by the refraction and reflections of the sun's ray in droplets of water. In the scriptures, it is God's promise that he will never again destroy all living things by water and the message of approval to begin life anew.

The Pot of Gold: Following the loss of a loved one, you will begin a journey of adjusting to a different life. The days may be cloudy and gray, but as time goes by you will sport a rainbow in the distance. It may be fleeting and faint at first, but just as God promised, the sun will break through and shine down on you. Itwill begin to warm and heal your heart. You will once again experience peace, joy and love.

Be sure and look in the church library for the Rainbow Reflections devotion books and other related literature.

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