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Columbarium Committee

First United Methodist Church of Vandalia has available for its church family an alternative to traditional burial: inurnment of cremation ashes in a Columbarium within the walls of the church.

A choice of cremation does not interfere with a traditional service of celebration, whether with an open casket, a closed casket, or no casket. Rather, it simply provides a secure final resting place for ashes following cremation, together with a convenient and comfortable place for family and friends to gather for remembrance and communion with the deceased.

Columbarium "niches" are reserved by purchase from the church. The purchase price was established by the First United Methodist Church's Church Council and reflects the cost of the purchase and installation of the Columbarium units and the equipping of the dedicated columbarium room. There are no maintenance or other fees beyond the $600.00 purchase price.

The Church Council of FUMCV, exercised through its subcommittee, the Columbarium Committee, carries out continuing oversight of the Columbarium. The Church Council has adopted the "Rules Governing Administration and Control of the Columbarium of the First United Methodist Church of Vandalia", which is currently in effect.

It is important to note that "niches" purchased for eligible church family members as defined in the "Rules Governing Administration" may not thereafter be transferred to or used by persons not a part of the eligible church family.

Member Class Of
Jan Johnston 2020
Jack Johnston 2020
Carolyn Daniels 2020
Jean Stombaugh 2021
Jim Staff 2021
Mary Fulton 2021
Pam Baker, Co-Chairperson 2022
Mike Baker, Co-Chairperson 2022
Carolyn Cooper 2022

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