VUMC: Outreach Committee
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Outreach Committee

The outreach ministries of the church shall give attention to local and larger community ministries of compassion, justice, and advocacy. These ministries include church and society, global ministries, higher education and campus ministry, health and welfare, Christian unity and interreligious concerns, religion and race, and status and role of women. (para. 252.2.b, The Book of Discipline, 2016)

As its title suggests, the Outreach Committee's main focus is to look beyond the membership of the church to see those in need within the community. Need has been defined as the provision of physical necessities, advocacy for those treated unfairly, and work to influence governmental organizations to unsure that all receive just treatment.

It is important to remember that most situations need more than money to bring about a remedy. The actual presence of our congregation in assisting others demonstrates to those who are hurting that church members actually care about them; and therefore, Jesus loves them. It is important for Outreach Committees to not only collect the resources (money and supplies) for a need, but to encourage members of the congregation to use their talents and energy to work hand-in-hand with those who are hurting to bring about a transformation in their lives. In essence, the Outreach Committee builds a bridge between the talents of the congregation and the needs of those who are hurting. Where possible, it is more effective to teach others to help themselves than just to offer assistance. Working one-on-one with those in need puts the church on their level and presents the most effective witness to the love of Jesus Christ.

Member Class Of
Patti Craycroft 2020
Kara Dugan 2020
Joyce Mueller 2020
Shannon Lurkins 2021
Sandy Ehrat 2021
Dave Roberts 2021
Kim Warner, Chairperson 2021
Pete Burnam 2022
Barb LeFevre 2022
Mary Woolsey 2022
Tom Goodell  

  • Meets at least quarterly
  • Membership consists of three classes of three with both members and non-members serving
  • Chairperson must be a member of the Church
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