VUMC: Preschool Committee
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Preschool Board

The purpose of the Preschool shall be to help each child develop mentally, socially, physically, and spiritually in a Christian environment. It shall strive to help each child build self-confidence and a positive attitude, while making the child feel good about learning and about his/her uniqueness. Christian values shall shape the philosophy of the Preschool. The Preschool program shall include Biblical stories and lessons, incorporating basic Christian values that are within the United Methodist Tradition.

The Preschool program shall be flexible within the bounds of a daily routine, with consideration for both the welfare of the group, and the individual needs of each child at his/her stage of development.

The children shall meet in a pleasant environment under the guidance of trained staff, who shall design stimulating activities to provide a well-balanced educational program to help each child more easily make the transition from home to school.

The Preschool shall prepare its children for their next level of education, and shall evaluate their readiness for their next educational step.

Member Class Of
Kristin Stombaugh 2020
Brandi Gathe 2020
Bill LaDage, Chr. 2020
Jack Johnston 2021
Joyce Staff 2021
Pam Baker 2021
Sharon Mueller 2022
Gail DePaolo 2022
Katie Myers 2022
Tom Goodell  

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