VUMC: Board of Trustees
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Board of Trustees

In each pastoral charge consisting of one local church, there shall be a board of trustees, consisting of not fewer than three nor more than nine persons, and it is recommended that at least one-third be laywomen and at least one-third be laymen. . . and at least two-thirds be professing members of The United Methodist Church. (para. 2525, The Book of Discipline 2016)

Subject to the direction of the charge conference, the board of trustees shall have the supervision, oversight, and care of all real property owned by the local church and all property and equipment acquired directly bt the local church or any organiztion connected with it. (para. 2533, The Book of Discipline 2016)

Member Class Of
Clayton Gathe 2020
Kim Warner 2020
J. D. Vieregge 2020
Joe Cearlock 2021
John Kaiser 2021
Patty Donaldson 2021
Darin Dugan 2022
Jack Johnston 2022
Terese Sikma 2022

  • Membership must be at least one-third men, one-third women, and one-third may be non-members
  • Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary elected annually
  • Chair and Vice-Chair shall not be in the same class
  • Chair must be a member of the Church
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