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Prayer List

Last Update: 1/13/21


  Name Prayers for Relationship
2/19/20   Patti Bohner mobility issues Diane Adams' daughter
10/14/20   Roger & Peg Clark recuperating from car accident  
    Gary Doolen cancer  
9/30/20   Mona Durbin breast cancer friend of Sue Miller and Jaime Warren
1/4/21   Deb Endres 2 hairline fractures on pelvis from a fall; Willowbrook  
2/21/19   Mason Feltner 9 year-old with A.L.L. leukemia; chemotherapy Kelly Clark's nephew
12/16/20   Phyllis Fondren Covid; Indianapolis Roger Corrington's sister
  Carson LaDage brain stem tumor remains stable; remains in a clinical trial at St. Jude Bill & Sharon's grandson
10/23/19   Carol Lewis chemotherapy for cancer friend of Gail DePaolo
10/8/17   Wanda McCollum lung cancer  
4/2/20   Mary Miller treatment for lung cancer  
5/29/16   Roy Nichels cancer friend of Dannie Donaldson
12/23/20   Michalea Nichols 30 years old diagnosed with breast cancer friend of Rosborough's and Eyman's
7/20/20   Dan Nickel recuperating from hip replacement surgery Margaret Carroll's son in law
3/11/20   Heather Overlin health concerns Larry Osborne's daughter
4/24/20   T.J. Pryor chemo and radiation for cancerous tumor on his brain nephew of Tony & Johanna Ecckhardt
9/2/20   Mary Ann Rhoades recuperating from brain bleed  
    Norman Rhoades Parkinson's Disease; Willowbrook Memory Care, Vandalia Kathryn Taylor's father
7/27/20   Phil Richards serious swelling in legs and ankles friend of Dannie Donaldson
7/21/19   Susann Schumacher pulmonary fibrosis; stint put in December 7  
9/2/20   Janet Shroyer diagnosed with MDS friend of Eric & Sue Miller
11/25/20   Peggy Wiggins Stratton rehab facility, progressing slowly, following a heart attack friend of Jan Johnston
5/20   Herb Woolsey health concerns  

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