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Prayer List

Last Update: 2/15/18


  Name Prayers for Relationship
1/28/18   Helen Black fractured ribs from a fall Dean Black's sister-in-law
12/4/16   Magaret Carroll vision improving following a surgical procedure on her eye  
6/6/17   Nathaniel "Buddy" Carroll completed 6 weeks of radiation therapy for brain cancer  
11/12/17   Roger Clark treatments for bladder cancer  
1/10/18   Jim Coleman back surgery Joyce Kidd's son-in-law
1/9/18   Tyler Cooper deployed to the Middle East Bill & Carolyn's grandson
    Betty Cothern comfort care Robin Kistler's mother
12/20/16   Rick Cox middle stages of Alzheimer's Disease; Willowbrook Memory Care, Effingham Jane's husband
12/3/17   Mason Currier treatments for Hogkins Lymphoma Roger & Peg Clark's grandson
1/28/18   Carol DePaolo b cell lymphoma Gail DePaolo's daughter-in-law
    Gary Doolen chemotherapy for cancer that has returned in lung  
11/20/16   Janet Eckhardt-Cox cancer Tony's mother
1/14/18   Leonard Gehle recuperating from knee replacement surgery Deb Durbin's father
2/4/18   Pat Hagy broken hip from a fall & damaged knee replacement Mike's mother
6/4/17   Liz Keller chemotherapy for lung cancer Bob & Mary Burnsides' daughter
10/27/17   Jack Kreienheder health concerns  
  Carson LaDage brain stem tumor & cysts Bill & Sharon's grandson
6/16/16   Arlene LeFevre hospice care Larry's mother
1/21/18   Kenney Lewey broken ankle Phyllis Thoman's son-in-law
12/31/17   R. C. Litz 36 year old with inoperable, rare cancer Lora Foutch's extended family
10/8/17   Wanda McCollum chemotherapy for cancer  
1/23/18   Kent Merry recuperating from a stroke; Carlyle Healthcare Center J.D. Vieregge's uncle & Linda's husband
1/21/18   Linda Merry recuperating from hip surgery; Carlyle Healthcare Center J.D. Vieregge's aunt & Kent's wife
1/24/18   Sue Miller undergoing tests to determine treatment for breast cancer  
5/29/16   Roy Nichels cancer friend of Dannie Donaldson
    Norman Rhoades Alzheimer's Disease Kathryn Taylor's father
8/20/17   Kent Rincker treatments for several kinds of cancer Peg Clark's brother
7/13/17   Nicholas Rosborough recuperating from surgery to repair meniscus and reconstruct ACL; recovery time is 6-9 months  
2/14/18   Allen Sasse Family   Elloise Black's Brother
1/21/18   Roger Schumacher on dialysis, testing for cause of illness; Memorial Hospital, Springfield Al Schumacher's brother
1/7/18   Hannah Shroyer 2 year old granddaughter of Randy & Janet Shroyer; chemotherapy for stage 4 neuroblastoma friends of Dorothy Schultz
1/14/18   Janet Shroyer breast cancer Hannah's mother
12/31/17   Danny Small 45 year old with cancer married to Tracey Wells
12/17/17   Steve Tarter injured from a fall a roof friend of Joe & Sandra Cearlock
7/30/17   Phyllis Thoman completed radiation treatments for breast cancer  
9/7/16   Jaime Warren recuperating from reconstructive surgery due to breast cancer; dealing with an infection  
4/5/17   Randy Wolf chemotherapy for cancer that has returned friend of Ann &Gene Schwarm

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